Friday, April 25, 2008

Felt Embellishments

I'll say it again, I love making my own embellies (as long as it's quick and easy, I don't like too many steps). I also love the new felt embellies that are out but they can get pretty pricey, so I opted to try and make some of my own.

You can buy felt at Wal-Mart that are adhesive backed (awesome!) plus I recently bought a cuttlebug and some some flower dies and the two combined make for some awesome flower embellies. For those that don't have a die cutting machine, you can buy the adhesive-backed felt and trace a pattern on the back and cut it with some fine-tipped scissors. The regular felt is harder to cut.

The adhesive-backed felt is stiffer, and easier to cut and shape. I also tried the regular felt and the cuttlebug flower die cut through perfectly, you just have to figure out how to adhere it properly.

I also cut the adhesive-backed felt with my MM trimmer and made a ribbon-like border. I also used my fiskars tool (like an exacto) and cut a wave pattern fopr use on the notecard.

Anyhow, here are some samples of what you can do with a piece of $1.50 felt from WM and a die cutting machine. I only tried the Cuttlebug and one Sizzix die (the Cuttlebug worked better) but I would imagine it would work for different types of machines.


Joan K. Demers said...

Okay! Smarty Pants!! That is great! Need to get a Cuttlebug now.... again! I don't think my WB will do this...

Cathy said...

OK....those are adorable. My LSS has a Cuttlebug for "rent" so I'm on my way over there now with my stash of felt from years of kids' crafts!

Joanne said...

I have some felt that has been lurking around for years . . . if I can find it, shall have to have a go. Love what you did with yours - I am going to cave in one day and get that doodly Cuttlebug flower!