Friday, June 20, 2008

Bad Blogger Alert!

What can I say? It's been a busy week both at work and at home. Throw in a wee bit of laziness and you get a week without a blog post. My bad.....

So, let's get this party started LOL... Of course there is the Prima Pick of the week featuring the Dude line. I have been seriously jonesing for this paper and I am *really* hoping I get picked. But I am willing to share (LOL) so if you want a chance at winning the Prima Pick of the Week (Canada and USA only this week) just click on thge picture to be linked to their blog.

And over by PaperCrafts Magazine, they are still accepting submissions for the Gallery Idol contest, here is some info from the site:

It’s back! Paper Crafts is proud to announce that its hugely popular gallery challenge Gallery Idol is back for season two. Last year after eight fierce weeks of competition and over 6400 total votes, we named Valerie Salmon our first ever Gallery Idol. Now we’re ready to induct the next paper crafter extraordinaire. Are you ready to win?

Click on the logo to be linked to their site. I submitted two cards. Seeing as how the rules state it cannot be posted on this blog I have provided the link to my gallery HERE. I hope I get picked to continue to the next round :)

Look at the gorgeous bags! You could win one in the sweepstakes at Simple Scrapbooks. Click on the picture to be linked to their site.

And check out "Inspirational" blog, lots of cool stuff. Here is a link to their blog post on how to make your own cool hatpins:

Okay, I'm yawning and tomorow is Canadian Forces Day on the base and there will also be an airshow so I am working all weekend... gotta be up early. Night!!


Gloria said...

Hey Heidi, So great to see a post! I have missed them. I ried to click on LOGO to vote for your cards and it didn't work. I will check back later. I love the hat pin site. TFS!

Frumpies world said...

Hi, it's been a while, I've been busy too....Love how you share the give aways you find and wish you a lot of fun with your work. xxxWendy.