Monday, September 15, 2008

Please Vote (for me).....LOL

Click on my layout to be linked to the Simple Scrapbooks "So You Think You Can Stamp" contest blog. There is a link on the blog for the voting site. I am one of the 16 finalists that moved on to round one and I am sooo excited! Apparently you can vote as often as you like so I am a little worried because I don't have the "following" that some do, but I am hoping that you would be willing to drop a vote my way, my handle is BELBA.

Voting starts today and lasts until Thursday the 18th. There are 16 people in Round One and only 12 will advance to Round 2. Your votes would really help, I appreciate it - Thanks!

Here is my layout:

I don't have any "true" two-step stamps so what I did was use some of my gel-a-tins star stamps to create a layered star. I stamped the outline using a larger stamp and then using a patterned smaller stamp for inside. The wrought iron flourish in the corner is by Technique Tuesday and what I did there was use the reverse side of the clear stamp to create a coloured outline and then flipped it over to use the stamp. Creates a nice coloured outline :)

Simple Scrapbooks contest blog

Thanks again!
*Heidi aka Belba :)

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