Sunday, September 7, 2008

Word Verification

It's always fun to find a new blog to check out, well here aretwo that I came across this morning that have a mission! The crusade against word verification (WV)!
Kath's Blog

Does the blog word verification make you crazy? Kath sure doesn't like it either. here is an excerpt from her blog:

...the proverbial pain in the ass for all us bloggers who leave comments...Ok if you are just visiting a few blogs and leaving a few comments it probably doesn't bother you...but I tell you it bugs me no end with the amount of comments I leave in a week. If you disable WV and enable COMMENT MODERATION....then you can check each comment before it is posted and I can honestly say that I have never had any spam........Give it a try and if it doesn't work for you then you can always go back to VW.....PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE....think about it and if you leave me a comment to say that you are considering it ...believe me YOU WILL MAKE MY DAY....and on the 15th September I will draw a name out of the hat and someone will receive a goodie bag of Christmas scrummylicious stuff from me..... Love...Kath xxxxxx

So think about it, I have already changed mine to comment moderation :)

Craftling's Cosy Corner
Alright, Chris and Kath are in on this together LOL. Chris is offering up some blog candy to celebrate 10,000 hits and she would like us to work a bit for the blog candy LOL. Actually, it's not much work and after reading both her blog and Kath's, I support the removal of word verification and have personally moved to comment moderation for my own blog. If you click on the picture below you will be linked to her post for the candy, as well as her argument for removing WV and it is quite compelling, I do encourage you to give it a read.
So here are "the rules":
This may be controversial, but I am going to use the opportunity to talk up my campaign against word verification on blog comments. You may call the blog candy offer an unashamed bribe if you will!! Lol.. But anyone with a blog can enter. It’s not a condition that you have to switch off your word verification. The only condition is that you give it some thought, and then if you decide to keep it, please tell me (politely!) why it is important to you. That will earn you ONE entry in the draw.
On the other hand, if you have already turned off word verification, or you do so as a result of my calling attention to it, and you tell me so (with a link to your blog, so I can visit you), you will get an additional entry.
If you also post about my blog candy in your blog, with a link back to me, AND you cut & paste my arguments below in your blog post (or post a sentence or two in your own words expressing your agreement), you will get FIVE entries. (Again, please give me a link to your blog post.)
Finally, if you are one of the winners of my Blog Candy Guessing Game (listed in the next but one post below), you will get an additional three entries.

I'm afraid this draw is only open to bloggers, for obvious reasons.
The draw will be at 7.00pm on 15th September.

Have a great Sunday! It's raining and grey here but I have a date with the greenhouse in an effort to try and beautify my front porch area....


Anonymous said...

I'll just AMEN what they both said... lmao! Word verification drives me absolutely insane... lol!!

About Me. said...

Amen sisters! I hate the word verification. I get around 30-70 people a day reading my blog. How many comments do I get? I may get 5 if I am lucky. I think the reason people don't leave comments is because of the stupid verification. I know there is a way to turn it off in typepad, I Just need to figure it out.
Love your blog, keep it up, it is entertaining.
Have a groovy week!

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, Heidi! :o)

This is perfect! Thank you so much for joining in my 'blog candy against word verification' campaign! You have earned yourself FIVE entries in my draw! Best wishes with that! :o)

Chris xx

mustangsarah said...

I have turned my word verification off.