Sunday, December 21, 2008

The countdown is on....

It's late, I should be in bed. Seeing as how I will be up for a little while yet I may as well post on the blog, especially since I have been somewhat negligent the past few weeks...
Cooooool albums!
I can't be the only person who sees albums (created by others) and *wishes* that I could make one just as cool.... I don't know where these fine ladies pull their inspiration from but I SO need to try my hand at making an album like this:

If you scroll through the December posts by Layle Koncar you'll see some YUMMY pages in her December Mini-album. What an awesome idea!! I am just a little PO'd that I didn't find this back in November when I could have done something about it. And will I ever remember come next year?

If you go to Ali Edwards blog, she has a couple of posts on how to create your album. Here and here.

And even more cool, I found this blog by Leah Killian with a gorgeous example of a mini album. And by leaving a comment on her blog you earn yourself a shot at winning some Cosmo Cricket yummies.

Featured Card Sites (of the week)

Every now and again I get to take some time and visit blogs I don't get to all the time. One of the ones that never disappoints is Jennifer's. She always has gorgeous cards posted, inspiration when I want to do something simple yet beautiful. If you get a chance you should pop by!

(card by Jennifer Roach)

Another card site that I never get tired of peeking at is "Pickled Paper Designs", Amy creates some absolutely gorgeous cards!

(card by Amy Sheffer)

Photo/Card holder by Danielle Flanders

Well, I love her work, and this little gem is no exception. Check out Danielle's blog for instructions on how to make your own.

New (to me) blog site!

I have already subscribed, because I need all the help I can get LOL. Found this blog called "Method Playground" which challenges you to try new techniques. How awesome is that? If there are any blogs that you find truly inspiring when it comes to creating, please share with me!!

Last, but not least

Pop by the Prairie paper & Ink blog and check out the homemade snowflakes. perfect for scrapbook layouts, cards or whatever... LOL

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