Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunshine Through My Window

The sun is shining into my kitchen, I look out to the deck and it is all wet because the snow is melting!! Oh, PLEASE be a sign that this winter is coming to an end. I know it may be asking for much in February but I am so *ready* for spring.....

My sister gave birth to her third child the other day, a baby girl! I made this card for her based on sketch # 102 at CPS.


MM Simply Fabulous "Brooke" line
Matha Stewart doily punch
Doodlebug alpha stickers
AC Greenhouse chipboard flower
Cricut George Basic Shapes font (Heart)

Prima has another give-away happening on their blog, all ya gotta do is leave a comment. Open to all countries. Limit of one comment per person. Winner will be randomly chosen next Friday, February 13th!

And if you are a fan of Vicki Boutin, she's got a little RAK action happening on her blog.....

Have a great one!



Jen Caputo said...

How darling is your card!!! Love it!

Angela said...

That card is gorgeous. I love it...

icecheeks said...

yay, another Canadian blogger! Can't wait to read all of your blog :)

Lea L. said...

Beautiful card!! Love those papers you used! Thanks for playing at CPS this week!


Tami Mayberry said...

beautiful! I love the heart :) Thanks for joining us!!

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