Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today was a mixed day for me. On the one hand, I finally got my furniture from Leons that I have been waiting for since January 3rd. We have been sitting on lawn chairs, which, after 2 months, are not very comfortable at all.... so this was my highlight.

On the downside, I was carrying the vacuum cleaner hose up the stairs, tripped on said hose, smashed my big toe into the riser and I think I broke it. Who breaks their toe falling up the stairs? Anyhow, it's swollen up and purple from the tip of my toe up the side of my foot - Yuck. Walking on it is no fun either.

No big plans for the weekend really, going to try and get this house organized just a little bit more (baby steps) and then try and scrap one layout and one card. That's the goal!

I created this layout with some paper I found at M's. It is called "Teen Angst" by WRMK and comes in a paper pad with some die cuts, alpha stickers and chipboard alphas. I don't have a teenager but I love the papers. There is a little "controversy" over this line because one sheet has the words "friggin sweet" on it. I'll still use the paper, just make sure that word is covered up, not a big deal for me.

Marks Paper Company Digital-Hybrid DT Call

MixItUP Challenges Blog

They have a fun sketch posted:

That's it for me, goodnight!



Tiger said...

Ouch! I broke my big toe going up stairs and of course they can't do anything for it. I found it helped to put some light padding between the two toes and lightly bind it to help keep it steady. Sorry to say it took me three months of wearing slippers before I could get into a proper shoe and my toe healed straight - can't bend it! Going up and down stairs is difficult with a straight toe! Good luck to you and TLC for your toe!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the info, I'm hoping it just looks uglier than it is, but I know what you mean about going up and down stairs, ugh!