Sunday, October 19, 2008

CPS #87

The son of a friend of mine is celebrating a birthday next weekend so I thought I would try making his card. I tried the CPS sketch #87 and the card ended up having a mind of it's own, so this is what I came up with. I scanned it because it's late and the lighting in here sucks, so no pictures tonight.

Now it's bedtime, goodnight!


Lea L. said...

What an adorable that cute little airplane!! Great job making this week's CPS sketch work for you! I think it resembles it!

~Lea Lawson

Joan K. Demers said...

I love visiting your Blog Heidi... it's so fun and *energetic* Keep up the good work!

Pamela said...

Cute card!!! I love it!

Charity Hassel said...

love this! way to make that cps yours!!!

paper bag create said...

Hey Heidi,
You did a FABULOUS job!!! Love it!