Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fully immersed in Fall

Yep, Fall is here (with a vengeance). The weather is cool and rainy, the sun has disappeared and the wind is blowing a multitude of yellow and red leaves out across my backyard......

On a positive note, my little guy (who will be 5 years old next month) did his TaeKwonDo testing this afternoon and now has his green stripe. He'll be a green belt before he is 6! More positive news, we are getting a cat! We did have a dog but unfortunately had to bring him back to the breeder. Both dh and I have had cats while growing up so we know what we are getting into. Here is a (bad) picture of the little dude I'll be picking up next weekend, he's a Seal Lynx Point Siamese:

Remember those Prima Flowers....

That I complained about last week?? If not, you can find the post HERE. They cost about $3-4 for a pack of two? Well, I went out and bought some material and made a flower. It's pretty rough but I think I can improve upon it. I bought 0.3 metres of each material (each cost about $2) and I could probably make a dozen or more flowers with the amount of material I bought...... Here's a picture of my very first homemade frabric flower, I am going to go back and buy some plain material (no pattern) and try that out next, maybe a denim and another corduroy along with some plain broadloom:

Scrappy Site of the Week

I found this page by Hero Arts and just *HAD* to post it. I absolutely *love* the cards, I am so going to use them as inspiration for my next card(s). The technique is to use office supplies (in this case, labels) on cards. Really cool, go check it out!!

And I will finish off quickly with a little reminder that if you need some help in the journaling department, or need a little kick in the pants to get going, then pop by Journaler's Junction! The latest journaling topic is "Just the facts, Ma'am" - check it out HERE!
That's all for now!

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LOVE your fabric flower!!!!! And that is a yummie card from Hero Arts! TFS!